Inbound Call Center in the Philippine

An inbound call center is a customer service function that handles incoming customer calls. On the contrary, outbound call centers are the ones making calls to customers. There are a number of reasons customers contact an inbound call center – ask questions, report an issue, place an order, etc. It is the responsibility of every call center to answer the calls and give customers a seamless experience.

The means to deliver an excellent customer experience depends on the calibre of agents in the inbound call center. Agents serve as the frontman of every business. As a matter of fact, agents might be the only link that connects customers to the company. Inbound call centers understand that agents will take care of the customers if they take good care of the agents too. Inbound call centers must ensure that their agents are productive and competent in well-maintained premises, working with high performing teammates, and have the right tools that allow them to produce the quality experience that customers expect.

Outsourcing Inbound Customer Support Services to the Philippines


Outsourcing inbound customer services to the Philippines is a smart decision as the country’s call center industry is consistently developing. An enormous pool of English-speaking professionals, world-class facilities, advanced tools, telecom connectivity that is capable of handling a range of services – these is just some of the reasons why the Philippines is globally recognized as “call center capital.”

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Inbound Customer Services to the Philippines

Below are five advantages that contribute to the Philippines fastest growing call center industry:


More than 95% of the Filipinos speak English, making the Philippines the third largest English-speaking nation globally. Other call center companies are stepping up by catering to other languages such as Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, etc.

Cost Benefits

The Philippines offer first-class inbound services at a reasonable cost compared to foreign services that provide similar services. In the country, the cost of labor is almost half of that in the UK and US, and this is why companies are taking advantage of the cheaper labor rate.

Furthermore, outsourcing in the Philippines helps foreign companies cut payroll expenses and would still allow them to work with professionals without recurring employee benefits. Outsourcing to a third party company will also save your business the time from the expensive and meticulous process of hiring and training call center agents.

GlobalSky provides inbound customer services at reasonable costs compared to other companies that offer similar services.

Pro-active Government

The developing IT-enabled services are giving more room for the Philippine government to support and look after the call center industry. Under the Special Economic Zones Act, companies that outsource in the Philippines can enjoy the following incentives:

  • Local tax exceptions and permits
  • Permanent resident amenities for family and foreign investors
  • Four-year exclusion of corporate income tax
  • Duty-free imports for tools, equipment, and raw material

The government support to the call center industry opens more foreign investments and produces more opportunities for the Filipinos and helps economic growth.

Thorough Selection Processes of Call Center Agents

For call center companies to provide the best inbound customer support to the customers, here at GlobalSky, we make sure that we take the following skills below into consideration when hiring for our team:

  • Sales skills
  • Competence
  • Communication skills
  • Product experience
  • Call center etiquette

Reliability and Security

Call centers in the Philippines can deliver quality inbound services that ensure long term results to their clients. Call center companies are able to adapt to security standards and international quality that delivers the best of services to more countries worldwide.

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Build Customer Experience through GlobalSky

If a company delivers a seamless and excellent experience to its customers, they will definitely return to your company and even invite others to try your services. If you are searching for an outsourcing company that will help you achieve your goals and that can handle every customer concern, consider GlobalSky.

GlobalSky is an outsourcing company that offers inbound call support. We assure you of trained professionals with effective communication skills to give your customers the best customer service experience. We are one of the country’s leading offshore inbound customer service providers. As your outsourcing partner, you are confident that your business is in trusted hands.

Aside from inbound call center solutions, we also cater to outbound services too. Inbound and outbound communication is important for your business to grow, and GlobalSky achieves on both fronts together. If you are willing to accommodate your customers with top-notch inbound call center services and provide outstanding performance and returns for your business, call us now! Witness how our 24/7 call center services can profit your business and boost sales. Learn more about our services and our team will get back to you within the next 24 hours.