Monthly Roundup for Call Center Philippines: How COVID-19 Changes It?

The Philippines is one of the biggest providers of call center agents who take care of email responses and managing services. The industry has booming, broadened its capabilities from customer services ranging from technical support, financial, travel, roadside dispatch, education as well as on B2B services. Since the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the country, work from home jobs such as call center services is sought as an alternative to most Filipinos.

Well, there are actually several protocols made by companies and the government contributing to stiff operations of BPOs but this won’t stop them to continue. Besides, the industry keeps going strong.

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Here, we gathered some valuable articles for our January Roundup to share with you. Hoping people will understand why call centers Philippines are necessary and great help during these times of pandemic.

Why customers’ service waits are so long and how to get help faster

Most countries around the world are implementing strict stay-at-home orders. This is to protect people by stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Typically, there are millions of people working in BPO industries. These people try to answer phones from people across the globe and even answering questions over chat messages.

But this has changed, forcing companies to find ways to keep their employees safe while taking calls. Some contact centers allowing their employees to work from home despite the lack of broadband connections.  Check out the article for more details.

Call Centers Show Bright Spot in COVID-19 Crisis

Due to the pandemic crisis, cost reduction is essential. This transforms the way companies handling or exposing support for business processes. It is an overwhelming boost for companies to take risk of doing business. This forced some businesses to shut down and shift their employees to work from home.

The crisis becomes the reason why masses stay-at-home, as a result, it also changed the perceptions of what kind of work and the quality of work, people can do from their homes.

When is the Right Time to Hire an E-commerce Customer Support Services?

Is there a right time to hire customer support? In this case, the online business must know its marketing strategy to acquire conversions and leads. To build a strong relationship in your niche is to find ways how your business guarantees growth and sustain it.

We can’t please everyone but proper implementation and executions will give your business a boost.

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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Will Work In Call Centers

Not just typical jobs have drastically changed their way of working. Unfortunately, airlines also suffered from losses. However, there are some creative arrangements to keep their people efficiently employed.

Qatar Airways change the route to battle the effects of the COVID-19. The assignment described, as well as to fulfil their commitment to the customers both in air and on the ground. Thus, the company added support through call centers.

Philippines Teachers Help Struggling Remote Students

To contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, most schools in the Philippines remained closed since March 2020. But, it never stopped the students to continue their educations. Through virtual classes, the student may still pursue education.

But, the concerned is that virtual learning may become a struggle for most students. For some reason, the local authority in the country set up call centers staffed by dozens of teachers who offer support for remote learners.

So now that we share our collected ideas, why COVID-19 affects our ways of life, and the standing of call centers Philippines today.  We hope this article serves as a guide in order to understand the benefits of outsourcing for continuing business during the crisis.

Check out next week for our weekly roundup for BPO companies in the Philippines.