My first new adventure? Stand up paddle boarding


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I plan to put that old adage to rest at the Outdoor Adventure Expo happening Sept. 23 and 24 at Cherry Creek State Park. After all, the types of recreational activities here in Colorado continue to grow, so why shouldn’t my attempts to try as many of them as possible continue as well?

The first new activity on deck for me at the Outdoor Adventure Expo is definitely going to be stand up paddle boarding. I grew up near tons of water, but the SUP boom really hit after I’d moved to a more landlocked locale here in Denver. With so many mountains and trails to explore, water sports fell a bit off the radar for me... until now. There’s literally no reason not to take advantage of this awesome aquatic adventure so close to home!

And the best thing about trying something new at the Outdoor Adventure Expo is that everything I need to give a new activity a shot is right there waiting for me. I’ll get a chance to talk to some experts and get a quick lesson, get set up with a board, a paddle and a life jacket, and I’ll be ready to get onto the reservoir.

The beauty of stand up paddle boarding is that you don’t need a large body of water, and you aren’t dependent on specific water conditions. You can SUP on a lake or in a river, with still water or some waves. You can do it almost anywhere, which is part of why it’s become such a popular activity. And fortunately for me, people of any age and fitness levels can get started quickly!

But boards and paddles can be an investment, so the Expo is a great opportunity to try before I decide to buy. And if takes a while to get the hang of it, several state parks offer rentals with partners in or right near the park, so I can keep some money in my pocket while getting the benefits of an amazing core workout.

(Whether it’s a core workout from paddling, or a core workout from laughing at myself TRYING to paddle is yet to be determined.)

If you’re ready to make a splash with some new outdoor activities too, you can’t miss the Outdoor Adventure Expo at Cherry Creek State Park. With three large and distinct activity areas for shooting, water sports and outdoor activities, there’s truly something for everyone to try and enjoy. Where will your new adventure begin?

Rebecca Ferrell