Archery adventures await at the Outdoor Adventure Expo


Whether you’re the type to watch far too many hours of Olympic coverage, took your kids (or yourself, no one’s judging!) to see The Hunger Games franchise or are seeing friends in the field here in bowhunting season, you may have found yourself drawn to archery.

I certainly can’t blame you. There’s a level of focus and intensity from head to toe that we rarely get to see in other pursuits. Clear-eyed determination on top of strong steady arms, feet or wheels firmly planted on the ground with a singular focus on a target. No wonder it’s the go-to activity for steely heroes and heroines of literature and film!

The good news is, in real life, archery is a very flexible and accessible activity. People of all ages can participate and with indoor and outdoor ranges, you can practice all year long. You can compete with others or fuel self-improvement from target to target. And you can pursue archery as a target sport or for hunting.

It’s also a great exercise in improving concentration and math skills. With factors like weight, draw lengths, curves, force and energy all coming into play, archery is great physical AND mental exercise. There’s also a creative component, with many competition participants putting their own personal flair into their outfits, quivers and even nail art. Exercise, intelligence and fashion? I have no idea why I haven’t tried archery before!

But I’ll have my chance at the Outdoor Adventure Expo at Cherry Creek State Park on Sept. 23 and 24. The Expo will have a range and a variety of gear available to try, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned archer. There will also be experts that can talk to you about how to choose the right equipment for your interests and level of experience.

If you’re ready to channel your inner Robin Hood (or Katniss Everdeen, Rambo or Hawkeye), give archery a try! Join us at the Outdoor Adventure Expo at Cherry Creek - try archery, get fishing advice, check out an OHV or jump into one of the other many activities available. No matter where your interests lie, let your next new adventure begin here.


Rebecca Ferrell